About Saint Raphael

St. Raphael Travels and Tours began its journey in 1981 as a remittance firm in Vancouver, Canada. Then named “Travelers Cards and Services,” the company was the first to offer OFWs a helping hand by providing door-to-door remittance services to their families in the Philippines. The company quickly gained fame amongst Filipinos in Vancouver and thus became a popular money sending medium during a time when bank transfers and online banking options were not available.

From the 1980’s to the 1990’s, Filipino caregivers in Canada were quick to gain immigrant status as they were only required a minimum of a two-year work period in the country. Due to this, many were able to petition for their families’ migration to Canada through the Philippine family reunification program. This surge in Filipino residency in Canada gave birth to what is now St. Raphael Travels and Tours.

A Simple Request & Filipino Kindness

On March 1993, a Filipina migrant came to Travelers Cards and Services’ office in Main Street Vancouver, asking for our assistance in booking an affordable flight for her three sons. She shared that upon booking a flight so her sons can join her in Vancouver, she was astonished to have been charged Php 175,000, a price too expensive for an immigrant to pay.

Though out of our initial services, Travelers helped a kababayan out by helping her find and book a cheaper flight. Indeed, we secured a promo with Japan Airlines, who gave the immigrant a discount. The Filipina was able to save a total of 100,000 pesos through our discounted deal, and news of this spread quickly amongst the Filipino community in Vancouver.

Soon more and more Filipinos enlisted Travelers’ help for booking affordable flights to Canada. Through a simple act of kindness, Traveler Cards and Services found an opportunity to expand as a travel agency.

A Nudge in the Right Direction

Due to the surge of Vancouver-bound flights for Japan Airlines, the airline suggested that we open a travel agency in order to help more Filipinos find affordable flights to and from the country. The company was then named St. Raphael Travels and Tours, paying an ode to the archangel of peace, joyous encounters, and safe travel. Our staff had – and still have – a strong devotion to St. Raphael, and we believe that it is this devotion that gives us the strength and guides us to provide excellent service to our clients.

After more than 20 years, St. Raphael Travel and Tours continues to serve our fellow Filipinos by assisting them with their travel needs. Now, not only do we provide affordable flight rates to Canada, but also affordable flights to anywhere else in the world!

Our Reason for Existence
(Golden Circle)

Our relationship with you isn’t just based on great prices and better features—it’s based on our desire to stay true to our core beliefs:

Why (are we in our line of work)?

  • We believe that the cost of flying to your new home shouldn’t be a hindrance to the future that you are trying to build.

How (do we translate that belief into actions)?

  • We provide offers that are competitively priced, value packed, and designed to help you start your new lives abroad.

What (type of work do we do exactly)?

  • We book the best flights for Filipinos that are migrating to Canada!

What We Offer Now

Here is a list of our current services available for you:

  • Booking roundtrip and one-way immigrant flights to Canada, USA, Europe, Australia, New Zealand.
  • Assistance in applying for a visa in visa-required countries.
  • Finding hotel accommodations.
  • Airport shuttle to and from various airports around the world.
  • Leisure tours and activities in various countries (activities include, but are not limited to: cooking classes, wine tastings, arts and crafts activities, visiting malls, markets and outlet stores).
  • Training services for new graduates and upcoming travel agents to uphold the standard of quality.